Simple House Cleaning Tips for All Pet Lovers

Home cleaning in Islington seems to be a never-ending task when you have either pets or children. Today the focus will be on pets! Our beloved, usually furry friends do seem to shower our homes with all kinds of extra fur, treasures and messes. Here are some simple tips for all pet lovers that will make house cleaning less troublesome.

1)    Furniture
If your pet is of the feline variety and loves one piece of furniture to scratch or pee against, and said furniture is your antique chair or favourite footstool, there is a simple trick to stop them. Start the cleaning in your home in Islington, N1 off by hovering off the piece of furniture that is being attacked. Next, get some un-waxed Sofa Cleaninglemons. They must be un-waxed as the lemon oils in the skin are vital. If you cannot get un-waxed ones, immerse the lemons in hot water for a few moments to melt off the wax coating and then in some cold water. Slice each lemon lengthwise in half. Place the slices flesh side up around and on the furniture in question. Most cats dislike lemon, so they will avoid the area like a bomb has gone off. After two days they should have gotten out of the cycle, remove half the lemons. After a further two days remove the rest. If your cat returns to its old habits you may need to put some lemon oil on the chair.

2) Bleach
Never clean with bleach if you have pets in NW1. The bleach mimics their own ammonia and so they may well start peeing inUpholstery Cleaningdoors where you have bleached. Instead, thoroughly clean using washing up liquid dissolved in water. It is a very powerful cleaning product and can have citrus oils added to it to further deter cats.

3) Rubbish
Dogs are natural foragers, so if you leave rubbish lying about or in easy reach of your dog, they will rustle through it. If you have a dog, empty bins regularly and make access to rubbish difficult or impossible. If you do not, you may end up needing upholstery cleaning where your dog has had a lovely day sorting out the contents of your bin. And to top it all up,Cleaning Kitchen they could swallow something dangerous and end up unwell at the vet.

4) Sofas
Sofa cleaning can be necessary on a regular basis and many vacuum cleaners do not seem to be up to the task where this is concerned. The best and cheapest trick is to buy some rubber washing up gloves. Put these on and rub the sofa all over in one direction. You will find the rubber gloves act like a brush and pull the pet hair from the fabric. This works well also for smart clothes such as suits when you are trying to remove the pet hair.

5) The Kitchen
Kitchen cleaning in N1 is the easiest if you fill the sink with warm water and then add a teaspoon of washing up liquid. This is actually a very potent cleaner and will remove all types of kitchen grease and grime without harming your pet in any way.

6) Carpets
Carpet cleaning will be limited to the efficiency of the vacuum you use; however, if baking powder is sprinkled onto carpets and left for 2Carpet Cleaner0 minutes, it will deodorize the carpet and remove some of the lingering pet smells. That will make your home smell fresher.

7) Professional Cleaners
Many professional cleaners will charge extra fees for cleaning a home with pets in Islington. If a cleaning service is a way you choose to go, be sure of their price lists before committing as that can save you an unpleasant surprise in the end.

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