Best Way to Get Stains Out of Your Rug

Rugs can make a lovely addition to your home in Catford, but when one becomes stained, it can become a pretty big problem! Getting rid of rug stains can be tough, but if you have the knowledge and the perseverance then you won’t need to worry! Here are a few ways in which you can remove stains for amazing clean rugs in SE6!

1) Stain removal products.
There are lots of stain removal products on the market that are suitable for both rug and carpet cleaning, and if you have a tough stain then you might want to try the chemical option. Do some research to check that the product you’ve selected is suitable for the type of rug that you have in Catford, SE26, so that you can avoid damaging your rugs! Always test any chemical cleaning products on a small and inconspicuous part of your rug, so that if it does go wrong it won’t be as noticeable!

2) Cleaning most stains.
Most stains will come out of your rugs with a little patience and elbow grease. Take a sponge and a bowl of lukewarm water. Dampen the sponge and dab at the stain until it starts to lift. Once this happens, add a couple of drops of washing up liquid to the water and continue to dab. You should see the stain begin to disappear, though you might need to repeat this step for, particularly stubborn marks in SE6! Once the stain is removed, take a dry sponge and blot out any excess water or cleaning product to keep it from ruining your rug.

3) Blotting stains when rug cleaning.
No matter what type of stain you might be dealing with, it’s important to only ever blot at it – never scrub! Scrubbing or rubbing can actually damage the fibres of your rug, and might also allow water to seep into the pad of the rug. Blotting is a much safer method that’s just as effective, so take your time if you want to avoid ruining your rugs!

4) Using water when rug cleaning.
Many people opt for boiling or very hot water when trying to get rid of stains in Catford, but it’s important to only ever use lukewarm water. Boiling water will actually help to set a stain, making it nearly impossible to remove! Lukewarm water will do a much better job, ensuring that you see the professional results of a rug cleaner!

5) Cleaning rugs.
If you haven’t cleaned your rugs in a while then your stain removal might leave a patch of rug that’s cleaner than the rest. If this happens you can go on to clean the rest of your rug with lukewarm water, a sponge and a drop of washing up liquid. It’s worth finding out to see if your rug can go in the washing machine, which will also help to remove any residual traces of product that you’ve used to get rid of the stain. If not, try putting your rug into a bath of lukewarm water with a touch of washing up liquid and allow it to sit for a while. Gently swirl the rug around in the water to carefully remove dirt and bacteria and then wring dry where possible. Allow your rug to dry naturally, or see if it can go into your tumble dryer. Be aware that it can take a while for tumble dryers to dry rugs, depending on the size and the thickness of the fibres. If you’re wary about tumble drying your rug, simply leave it outside to air-dry.

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