The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Grout

If you have tiles in your bathroom, or even if you have them in your kitchen, they you might be facing a problem with discolouration thanks to mould, mildew or grime. The grout between your tiles should be a bright white, and this can make a huge difference to the appearance of the rooms in your home. If you want to properly and thoroughly clean and whiten your grout to improve your bathroom or kitchen, then you don’t need to look any further! Here are some fantastic ways to clean the tile grout in your home!

1)    Get the right supplies for the job.

There are many grout-cleaning products on the market, but you can always create your own effective grout cleaners at home if you want a job doing as well as professional cleaners would! Simply mix together half a cup of bicarbonate of soda with 1/3 of a cup of ammonia and three cups of warm water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and you have the perfect homemade grout and tile cleaner! If you don’t want to make your own cleanser then there are lots of options for you in your local supermarket. If you have a tough job on your hands then it might be worth doing some online research to find out more about the best products for the job, so that you aren’t wasting your money on products that won’t work for you. You’re also going to need a stiff brush or a toothbrush, as well as cleaning cloths or rags.

2)    Using your grout cleanser.

While your grout cleaner is still warm, spray your grout liberally until quite wet. Leave to sit for at least ten minutes, though if your grout is particularly stained, or if you have quite a bad mould problem, you might want to leave it for longer. When the time’s up, simply buff at the grout with your toothbrush or stiff brush. You should notice a difference straight away, though you might need to put in a little elbow grease to get the results that you want! Feel free to repeat this process as often as you like, and you’ll soon have sparklingly clean grouting in your home.

3)    Grout-cleaning tools.

Keeping grout clean is a difficult job, but you can make your life a little easier by purchasing a grout-cleaning tool. These can be used to scrape away at mould and grime to keep your grout looking clean and white. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your grout using the method above, you can easily keep on top of your grout cleaning with the proper hardware. Have a look in your local hardware or do-it-yourself stores to find a tool that you can use for this purpose!

4)    Hiring a cleaning company.

If you’ve tried lots of different grout cleaning methods and haven’t seen the results you want then you might want to try hiring professional cleaning contractors. Your local cleaning company should offer cleaning services specifically designed to help you with this common problem, and you’ll be able to see fantastic results without needing to put in any effort. Speak to your domestic cleaning company to find out if they have a house cleaning service that can help you, but don’t forget to do your research to find a reliable and experienced company!

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