How to Keep My Office Desk Clean and Clutter-free?

Since you spend most of the working week in your office in Kentish Town, it’s vitally important that you keep your office clean and sanitised at all times. An office clean can be pretty similar to house cleaning, with many home cleaning techniques being transferable when it comes to getting your office cleaned. However, there are also plenty of other things that you need to keep in mind, so check out these top tips and implement some of these techniques to get you started.

1.    Keep your windows see-through!
Clean and clear windows can really improve the appearance of your office. Cleaning your windows will allow more light into your office in Kentish Town, NW5, which will hopefully make you see your office in a whole different light and also have the added benefit of perking you up and uplifting your mood and energy levels so that you can make more efficient use of the working day. There’s no need to spend money on fancy products and equipment when it comes to getting your windows clean. Simply make up a soapy water solution and scrub your windows from top to bottom. Then buff with some scrunched up newspaper and rinse off. For a fantastic clean, try and clean your windows from the outside as well, although if you’re based at the top of a tall office block, you may have to hire some professional cleaners to this job for you.

2.    Always keep some multi-surface cleaner stowed away in your bottom drawer.
You never know when you might have a spillage on your desk or chair and need a quick cleaning solution, so it’s a good idea to have a bottle of multi-surface cleaner handy in your office at all times. Cheap and readily available, these cleaners are fantastic at getting rid of a host of different things and can easily remove dirt, dust and clear up any spillages on a range of different surfaces.

3.    Antibacterial solutions will keep your office surfaces sanitised.
Items that you touch again and again in your office, such as your filing cabinets and desks will require some attention in order to keep them sanitised and prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria. An antibacterial spray is perfect for this very job, so get your hands on some spray and use it on your work surfaces once in a while.

4.    Don’t forget to dust all surfaces, not just your desk and chair area.
Use an extendable and flexible duster to get at those hard to reach areas. Pay special attention to all your ceiling light fittings, on top of filing cabinets and your computer and keyboard. Keep an eye out for cobwebs in the corners of your room or on top of your doorway and get rid of these too. Dust builds up very quickly, so if time permits, you should aim to dust at least once a week.

5.    Don’t let your rubbish bin overflow!
Take out your rubbish at least once a week or sooner if it begins to pile up. When removing the rubbish and replacing the bag, keep an eye out for any stains on the bottom of your rubbish bin and get these taken care of in order to prevent the build-up of any nasty odours in your office.  A soapy water solution should do the trick, but be prepared to do some scrubbing.

6.    Hire the cleaning services of a cleaning company.
There are plenty of top-quality cleaning companies out there in Kentish Town that are experienced in working their magic in offices. So call up a cleaning agency to make your life a whole lot easier.

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