Easy Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks

house cleaning secrets

A lot of people want to clean their place without knowing the handy tricks that most cleaning companies use to generate fast results in a short span of time. We teamed up with a great cleaning agency to establish the tricks to keeping houses clean that most people don't know of. Below is a list that we have compiled of all the cleaning tips (and more) that you need to know to begin your cleaning regime! 

1) Cleaning mirrors can be seen as a right challenge, especially if they have fingerprint marks on them, or worse of all, make up. The best way to overcome this is to get some old newspaper and some vinegar and clean the mirrors up. Many people would resort to a damp cloth, not realising that it will leave marks and streaks all over the glass.

Microwave Cleaning

2) Cleaning your microwave can seem like a nightmare, especially when you have dried up food caked onto it, not to mention splatters of things such as soup. The fastest and smartest way of getting rid of this is having a bowl filled with steaming hot water and microwaving it for a minute. The additional steam from it being further heated means that you will have the microwave much easier to clean on a regular basis. The same method can be used for oven cleaning, and you can use baking soda and vinegar to loosen up any food stains.

Bathroom Cleaning

3) When you think of cleaning your bathroom, use lemon oil to prevent any kind of mould. The simple technique to do this is to pour some into a spray bottle, mix with water and spray on the places you feel will accumulate mould. You can also use alcohol to clean the showerhead, as it will make it shine. If you don't have alcohol in the house, the simplest way is to remove the showerhead and just rinse it in vinegar. Any type of lime scale that has been built up will be removed easily.

Carpet Cleaning

4) Cleaning the toilet is probably one of the most hated things in the house, however if you pour some cleaner in the bowl to soak it, you can wipe the seat and the outside of the bowl with either spray cleaning or anti-bacterial wipes that you can find from the supermarket. When you think that the cleanser has done its job, simply scrub it with a toilet brush and flush to make it clean. Lastly, wipe down everything with a disposable dry cloth to ensure it is shiny.

Bathtub Cleaning

5) Bathtubs are the places that often accumulate the most grime. Plug the stopper and run a bath, whilst pouring in a cleanser. Leave overnight to cut through the dirt, rinse and then use a hard brush to scrub the surface as best as you can. Do this on a regular basis as grime and dirt are prone to building up in the bathtub.

When you follow these 5 little-known tricks, your domestic cleaning will become much easier and smoother.  Remember, there are little things you can always do to keep your place clean and that includes not leaving your cleaning until your place is a complete mess. A house always looks best clean!

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