Places You Probably Forgot to Clean in Your House

When you embark on a thorough cleaning of your home in Finchley, there are lots of tricky nooks and crannies that can very easily be forgotten. With certain spaces in the house it can be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to performing your domestic cleaning duties.  If you remember to clean all of these awkward spots whenever you do a big house clean, then your home will be left as sparkling and immaculate as it would have you hired a professional cleaning agency to scrub it from top to bottom. Here is a list of some of the places you might be overlooking when you clean your home.

Underneath big appliances
Not many of us have the willpower or time to shift large, heavy appliances such as fridges, wardrobes and dishwashers on a regular basis, but these are places that collect excessive amounts of dust and grime. These spots in our homes in Finchley, N3 don’t need to be cleaned particularly regularly, however it makes a huge difference to the overall hygiene of your home to give the underside of your large appliances some attention at least once a month.

When cleaning the house, we dedicate a lot of time and effort to washing floors and surfaces; however, the vast majority of us tend not to clean our walls on a regular basis. It’s essential for the upkeep of your house cleanliness to remember that walls also get dirty. Go over your walls with a feather duster, and wash them thoroughly but gently with warm, soapy water and a sponge.

Remember to clean your blinds, when you’re freshening up your home. Wipe metal blinds with a damp cloth and a multi-purpose home cleaning solution. If your blinds are made of wood then use the same method, but forego the cleaning solution and stick to warm water. For blinds made from fabric, dust them down with a dry suede cleaning cloth.

The sides of the oven
It’s very beneficial to pay particular attention to the cracks between kitchen counters. Food spillages, dust and grime can build up in these narrow cracks down the side of your oven, drawers and dishwasher etc. and go unnoticed for long periods of time. Make sure to get into these tight spots during your house cleaning, to get your kitchen as spotless as possible.

Underneath appliances
Most of us give our countertops and desks a spritz with cleaning spray or polish and then wipe down the surface without actually moving objects to clean underneath them. When you take the time to lift up the items on your counters, whether a lamp, a DVD player or a computer keyboard, you will probably discover a large amount of dust has settled there.

The rubbish bin
Sometimes emptying the bin isn’t enough, be sure to wash the kitchen bin once in a while to keep your kitchen in the N12 region fresh and clean. To clean the bin, use warm water and a little white vinegar, to remove odours and residual grime which may have been stuck to it for some time. To make the bin easier to clean in future, it can be helpful to sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in the bottom, to absorb odours and dirt.

Cupboard under the sink
The cupboards below the bathroom and kitchen sink are generally used to store cleaning products, clothes and sponges etc. even though they’re our first port of call when it comes to cleaning your house in Finchley, most of us don’t pay too much attention to these neglected spaces. The next time you’re sprucing up your home, give the cupboards under the sink a little attention and organisation.

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