Clever Tricks to Make House Cleaning Quick and Easy

However dirty, messy or unkempt your house in West Hampstead may be, there are always things that you can do to make the situation better. Don’t put up with living in an unclean environment. In addition to being rather unsightly, an unclean home could also be unsanitary, which could attract a host of nasty little microorganisms and could have a negative impact on your health. So if your house cleaning is well overdue, do something about it and use these hints and tips to get you started and on your way to a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing home environment.

1.    Make a list and plan before getting started.
It’s always good to make a list of exactly what you want to achieve from your cleaning endeavour in NW6 before you go buying materials and putting your plan into action. List the tasks that need tackling in order of importance and then get to them systematically, ticking them off as you proceed. If you’ve got a lot that you need to clean and you’re someone who keeps stalling and putting the jobs off for another day, stick the list somewhere obviously noticeable such as on the fridge or notice board. This way, when you glance at it every day, it should stick in your head and make you want to crack on with the next task. As you begin crossing the tasks of the list, the workload will gradually reduce and you should feel better about ploughing on and completing your domestic cleaning.

2.    Buy the correct products and equipment.
Make sure that you have plenty of the basic cleaning products in West Hampstead, NW3, such as mops, sponges, antibacterial cleaners, soft microfiber cloths etc. If you haven’t cleaned for a while, get the equipment that you already have out from the back of your cupboard and give these a thorough clean. Spend a bit of effort ensuring that everything is clean because after all, the outcome of the job will only be as good as the tools you use!

3.    Clean your floors.
Hardwood floors can be cleaned quickly and easily, however, there are still important points that you need to take into account. You can’t just chuck a load of water onto your floor and then begin mopping. Firstly, ensure that your mop is thoroughly cleaned. Then dampen it slightly by immersing it in warm water before wringing it out. If there are any noticeable dirt marks or sticky marks on your floors, add a mild detergent to the warm water. Then mop every inch of your hard floors; you may have to use some elbow grease to get rid of any stubborn marks or if your floors are particularly dusty or dirty. Once everything has been mopped, leave to dry, or open some windows in your home in the NW11 area to aid the drying process.

4.    Let there be light!
A clean and clear window can make a huge impact on the way you see the rest of your house in West Hampstead. It will let more natural light into your house and make it seem much more airy, spacious and fresh. Use a clean cloth to wipe your windows down with a soapy water solution. Then buff with some scrunched up newspaper, rinse off with clean water and then immediately dry to prevent any remaining suds from drying out and creating marks. For the best results, clean your windows inside and out.

5.    Need to get your house clean but don’t have the time? Call up a cleaning company.
There’s a surplus of cleaning companies in the industry, all offering different cleaning services at different prices, so if you need some help, do your homework and pick the right company for you.

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