How to Maintain Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs

Believe it or not, sofas are some of the dirtiest of places in a home in Bromley. Cleaning your home cannot be completed without a thorough scrub down of the sofas to get rid of the dust, dirt and stains. The type of sofa you have will play a major role in defining what kind of cleaning it needs. Always be aware of the fabric your sofa is made of; you would not like want last-minute surprises, right?!

•    Cleaning Essentials – These essentials come in handy when it comes to cleaning a sofa in BR1: bristle brush, microfiber cloth, liquid detergents, white vinegar, baby oil, paper wipes, sprays and vacuum cleaner (if available). These everyday articles can make your life simpler and the domestic cleaning job much easier.

•    Leather Sofas – Use wax or oil-based cleaning products on leather. Vacuum with a soft brush as often as you can so that dust does not gather in the gaps. In case there is a spillage, do not wipe it, use a tissue/cloth and blot it. This will help you not have lines and marks due to the wiping. Always use a leather conditioner to extend the life of the sofa. Make sure to keep the sofa away from direct heat sources at all times. Home cleaning ideas for leather include baby oil and a soft cotton cloth.

•    Upholstery/Fabric Sofas – Steam vacuuming can prevent long term damages to the sofas in Bromley, BR2. If your sofa covers are removable, you may follow the instructions and wash them in the machine or dry clean; as applicable. However, if they cannot be removed, prevent staining of the light covers by covering them with a sheet for daily use. In case there is a spillage, always use a wet cotton cloth to ease out some of the spill. Make a solution with 1 tsp liquid laundry detergent and 1/3 cup warm water. Work this solution on the stain, one section at a time, and clean with a warm damp cloth. The stain will be eased out. Such simple home cleaning measures will assure the longevity of the fabric.

•    Cleaning Detergents – Since there is such a wide variety of detergents available now, always sample on a smaller section first before experimenting on the whole sofa in your home in the BR1 area. Choose a place that is inconspicuous so that it is not easily visible if the results of the testing are adverse. Read the label clearly and make informed choices. Deodorizers are a good buy as well. In case the stains are really tough, carefully and strategically placed cushions can be of a lot of help.

•    Pet Caution – In case your pet tends to shed a lot of hair, use a rubber glove and slightly damp it with a cloth. Now move this glove along the sofa where you can see/feel the hair. The damp glove will catch most of the hair. House cleaning methods need not be labour intensive; we just need to work more smartly.

•    Professional Cleaners – Trained cleaners in Bromley are aware of how to make any sofa dirt, dust and germ-free. Their experience can be of a lot of help to freshen up your old sofa. Their equipment can dry the cleaned areas relatively quickly. A knowledgeable cleaner can give us tips and tricks to keep the sofa as good as new. This can prove to be an economical, hassle-free and long-lasting clean sofa deal.

Hope these tricks and tips are handy for you. With minimal or little effort, your sofa can be bright, clean and fresh as new every day.

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