Best Way to Clean Windows

Window cleaning is not the easiest job in the world, it can be rather exhausting as well as physically straining to do and getting a fabulous finish often seems a mission impossible.

Streak-free windows are what most people are aiming for but getting that result is not as easy as it seems, I’m sure anyone who has attempted to clean windows before would have to agree with that?

So how do we achieve that professional finish, what can we do?

Well, you could opt for a professional window cleaner to clean your windows instead, this certainly takes the hassle out of it, and it’s an affordable option (window cleaners do not charge much for their services) and its time saving as professional window cleaners tend to clean windows fast and easy.
But, if you want to attempt to clean them yourself, these tips and advice may help you to get the results you desire!

•    Tip 1; Get the right tools to get the best result!

Any pro window cleaner will have the correct tools in place because without it the job is made much more difficult. You will need: Bucket, cleaning sponge, window washing detergent, lint-free cloth and a good squeegee.

•    Tip 2; clean your tools and make sure they are clean before you begin!

How can you expect to get good results if you cannot be bothered to clean your kit? A dirty kit will not be able to clean, so make sure it’s nice and clean before you begin.

•    Be aware of smear shine on sunny days!
It’s very difficult to clean windows when the sun is blazing because smears will show up left, right and centre and it’s almost unavoidable to get a smear-free look with blazing sun shining on your windows, clean on duller days to avoid frustration.

•    Squeegee magic!
Every pro window cleaner has one, you cannot get great results without one, invest in a squeegee as it will be the best investment you ever make, and it will make the job easier! Try working horizontally to allow drips to run vertical and start at the top of the glass and work your way down to the bottom so that you do not mess up your hard work.

Also, wipe the blade as you go so that you remove as much moisture as possible between strokes, this helps to get a better finish.

•    Overlap areas, do not redo areas!
Only overlap slightly as you clean the glass so that all of the glass has been cleaned but do not overdo the overlapping as you will constantly redoing each area like a never-ending battle.

•    Be careful not to scratch glass!
Scratching glass is a common problem so avoid it by dampening the glass or windowpane with a wet sponge before you begin. Remove stuck-on debris and dirt with a rubber tool to scrape stubborn areas.

•    Use a sponge to wash the window thoroughly, dip into the soapy solution and give the whole glass a thorough wash making sure that you do not forget the edges, as people often do!

•    Clean up with lint-free cloth!
Lint-free cloths are ideal for cleaning the frames at the end of the wash and it finishes the job of nicely. Wipe around the frame with a dry lint-free cloth, there is no need to wet it as there should be enough moisture already on the frame following the window washing and you only need to mop this up, the lint-free cloth will remove the remaining moisture and clean up.

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